Danzas AEI Emirates response

Email subject: Request for response regarding cases of labour exploita7on in DHL Global Forwarding Dubai 
Date: November 17, 2020
From: Eilidh Hibbit, Head of Human Resources
To: Equidem

Dear Mustafa

Thank you for your mail of November 15, 2020. As a courtesy and good business practice, I am responding to your email.

We refute the allegations in your email below which are incorrect and misconceived. DANZAS AEI Emirates LLC is controlled and operated by Investment Trading Group LLC, and has been compliant with local employment law, rules and regulations in all matters related to its personnel during the Covid-19 crises, including with respect to accommodation and salary payments which are provided in accordance with labour/employment contracts and UAE labour laws and regulations.

Danzas AEI Emirates LLC, which operates as the independent affiliate of DHL Global Forwarding in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, adheres to the general principles found in the United Nations Global Compact. As you may be aware, the United Nations Global Compact is a pact in respect of the implementation of amongst other matters, socially responsible policies, including reporting on implementation.

The welfare of our employees is of the utmost importance to our organization. We trust the above clarifies the matter.

Best Regards,

Head of Human Resources
Danzas AEI Emirates LLC