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Who We Are

Equidem is a human rights and labour rights organisation. We work globally and locally to expose injustice and hidden human rights abuses; to provide practical solutions to the most intractable human rights challenges; and to build powerful community-led coalitions that empower the individual and the community.

Marginalised communities are at the centre of our work to protect human rights for all. Marginalised and minority groups are often the worst affected when human rights are not respected and most often prevented from claiming their rights.

Equidem strives for a world in which human rights can be enjoyed by everyone in society by virtue of,

  • a human rights movement that is diverse and locally relevant with rightsholders at its centre
  • a robust national and global regulation that upholds human rights, holds accountable those responsible for human rights abuses, and provides remedies to victims.
Education City Stadium, Rene Alvarez Flotildes
Lusail stadium workers in 2021
: Lusail Stadium construction site, Qatar

Equidem is:


  • of the communities whose rights we promote and defend; of the regions in which we work
  • connected to, and connecting, local and global actors and spaces; to rightsholders and duty-bearers
  • a diverse and interdisciplinary team bringing multiple perspectives from different professional fields and socioeconomic backgrounds; we embrace and encourage our differences that make us unique individuals and a strong team


  • striving to be cutting-edge, creative, and agenda setting
  • responsive to the ever-changing dynamics within which human rights are impacted
  • original in our approach and added value, complementing not duplicating the work of others


  • as part of a wider human rights and social movement, we are only as strong as we are united
  • working together with others not only to further Equidem’s own aims but those of others promoting human rights


  • living the values we are promoting in the ways we work and operate, how we treat our staff and stakeholders, and how we express our professionalism
  • accountable to and honest with the communities we serve, our partners, funders, staff, and board members
  • people’s physical and psychological well-being comes above all else
  • respecting the environment: limiting negative impacts and striving for sustainability in our work and activities


  • Equidem is Latin for rigorous. Being thorough, precise and unrelenting is key to how we operate and the work we do