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Equidem is a human and labour rights organisation, anchored in the global south

We work globally and locally to promote the rights of marginalised communities and accountability for serious human rights violations by governments, businesses and individuals.

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Your donations help us to track down migrant workers and their families to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

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Exposing Injustice

Exposing Injustice

Shining a light on the most hidden and serious human rights violations on marginalised groups.

Providing solutions

Providing Solutions

Going beyond what we are against, talking about what we are for, and the changes needed to achieve it.

Building the Movement

Building the Movement

Increasing grassroots and professional civil society capacity to carry out research, non-political advocacy, and strategy / institutional development.

Our work

Equidem specialises in research, advice, and training on free and fair recruitment, international and national-level labour standards, and human rights and labour rights compliance by states and businesses, including sub-contractors and supply chains. 

We are specialists in ethically and objectively investigating human rights abuses including child labour, forced labour, human trafficking, deceptive recruitment and other exploitative practices.

Our approach