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Unjust Transitions: Climate Migration, Heat Stress, and Labour Exploitation in the United Arab Emirates

Workers at the heart of the UAEs renewable and gig sectors, and at the site that hosted COP28 have left homes because of climate change, only to be subjected to physical abuse, heat stress, exploitation and discrimination.

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Who we are

We are Equidem, a human rights organisation that’s rightsholder-centred and representative of the Global Majority.

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This podcast is fundamentally grounded in the stories of the workers, activists, and other ordinary people we speak with. Our focus will always be on sharing stories from marginalised communities directly and authentically.

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Climate change and its impacts

Climate change poses a critical threat to the safety, security, and rights of humans all over the planet. As a result, climate change has a huge impact on human rights, both now and in the future.

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Sports and Human Rights

Global sporting events bring a range of human rights risks, including the exploitation of construction and hospitality workers - many of them migrants. Equidem works to advance responsible sport – sport and mega sporting events that are inclusive, fair, and safe, where stakeholders are properly engaged, and where human rights risks are mapped and addressed in line with international standards.

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Enforcing respect for human rights

Human rights violations stem from power dynamics and relationships that enable abuse to occur, and businesses are one of the most powerful actors in global geopolitics and the day to day lives of humans.

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Workers at the heart of the United Arab Emirates's renewable and gig sectors, and at the site that hosted the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) have left homes in Africa and Asia because of climate change only to be subjected to physical abuse, heat stress, exploitation and discrimination.

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Exposing Injustice

Exposing Injustice

Shining a light on the most hidden and serious human rights violations on marginalised groups.

Providing solutions

Providing Solutions

Going beyond what we are against, talking about what we are for, and the changes needed to achieve it.

Building the Movement

Building the Movement

Increasing grassroots and professional civil society capacity to carry out research, non-political advocacy, and strategy / institutional development.

Our work

Equidem is a human rights and labour rights organisation. We work globally and locally to expose injustice and hidden human rights abuses; to provide practical solutions to the most intractable human rights challenges; and to build powerful community-led coalitions that empower the individual and the community.

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