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Why Equidem, now

Human rights and labour rights are under threat like never before. Not only from state and private actors who actively curtail rights protections. But also from an outdated human rights movement, dominated by large legacy organisations, anchored to time-honoured means and long-established constituencies.

A Changing Landscape

The traditional model of human rights protection is failing in the face of a rapidly changing world, struggling to exert influence in ever-more complex and entangled systems, and responding to new threats to human rights from accelerating technology innovations, climate change, conflict, the pandemic and global economic consequences. And the human rights ecosystem is changing from within: feminist and postcolonial critiques challenge traditional interpretations of human rights and the systems for their protection, affected communities are demanding representation in defining and claiming their rights, dynamic and leaderless movements are forming around issues not organisations.

A Vision of an Inclusive Future

To meet these challenges, to turn them into opportunities for a global groundswell of human rights activism, the human rights movement must offer a vision of an inclusive future, break out of its traditional structure and silos, and put the rights and experiences of affected individuals and groups at the centre of its work to make that vision our shared reality.

Equidem, in vision and structure, is dynamic and innovative, representative and collaborative; responding to the world as it is becoming, not as it has been.

Our Strategy