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Who We Are

We are Equidem, a human rights organisation that’s rightsholder-centred and representative of the Global Majority. 

We build the movement.

We work to expose injustice, and we provide solutions.

We’re movement builders, creating a world where human potential can be realised because human rights are enjoyed by everyone - without fear of persecution or exploitation.

Rightsholders are at the heart of everything we do.

Our team is made up of workers and members of communities whose rights we promote and defend.

Our team

We build bridges.

Equidem and its team is primarily based in the Global South, with offices and people in Nepal, India, Kenya, South Africa, the Gulf and Middle East, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Malaysia.

Our teams on the ground are supported by Equidem’s offices in the United Kingdom, backed by thematic experts from diverse disciplines and sectors located across the world.

That bridge between the Global South and the Global North puts Equidem in a unique position to facilitate connections, and actions.

We connect local communities and grassroots movements with policy makers and multilateral organisations. 

We build a fairer future.

But we don’t just connect. 

Our advocacy provides leverage and amplification, strengthening representation and participation of rightsholders in building a future based on justice and human rights for all.

A fairer future.

How we work

Our focus is always on rightsholders and local communities

  • Staff and affected community partners in the Global South share real-time, real-life data with Equidem.
  • That data informs strategic and programmatic planning that responds to the gaps and needs of rightsholders.
  • Equidem co-creates projects in collaborative engagement with local communities.
  • Our projects maximise practical impact on the lives of people in those communities.

Together, we uncover unknown or under-reported issues that connect local and global contexts.

Those issues help us leverage change at a systemic level, always aligned with our goals, values and expertise.