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Accountable businesses

Enforcing respect for human rights.

Human rights violations stem from power dynamics and relationships that enable abuse to occur, and businesses are one of the most powerful actors in global geopolitics and the day to day lives of humans.

Businesses have an ever-growing responsibility to respect human rights under international law, and we hold them accountable by:

  • Investigating abuses in supply chains (e.g. garment manufacturing, sports, mega-projects)
  • Exposing the state-business nexus
  • Assessing the efficacy of existing rights protection frameworks
  • Targeting business models that are incompatible with human rights
  • Educating corporations and articulating the business case for protecting workers’ rights
  • Highlighting the power asymmetry between businesses and the affected rights-holders, whilst seeking systemic solutions

We’re proud of our track record as an objective investigator and monitor, capable of delivering unimpeachable investigative reports as well as working with states, investors, and multinational enterprises to develop nuanced solutions for complex issues.