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Just transitions

Climate change and its impacts.

Climate change poses a critical threat to the safety, security, and rights of humans all over the planet. As a result, climate change has a huge impact on human rights, both now and in the future.

Our work helps businesses and governments act to prevent, and mitigate or remedy, those impacts, and respect human rights in the process.

Our projects investigate climate change at the intersection between the planet and human rights - specifically looking at the impacts on the future of work, such as how temperature and weather affect safe and healthy working conditions, as well as climate induced migration and the impact on populations from low-emitter countries or regions.

We also hold states and corporations accountable for the human rights impacts of climate action policies, like green tech investments, industrial economic zones and COP28 action plans.

That work reflects our deep knowledge and experience of migrant worker communities, communicating industrial challenges including implications for migrant workers.