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Strengthening international systems

Revitalising institutions and instruments.

The institutions and instruments that form the foundation of human rights are constantly at risk of capture and co-option by authoritarian states and corporate interests.

We work to re-capture the normative framing of human rights, expand the scope of state and corporate compliance, and enhance marginalised communities’  representation and ownership over international institutions.

Our work exposes evidence of co-option of the international system by authoritarian states and corporate interests, and investigates the power dynamics that enable systemic failures to address human rights violations.

In doing so, we support human rights defenders at risk. We reinvigorate and empower worker representation in the labour pillar at the ILO, and support innovative-movement building for particularly vulnerable groups, such as the LGBTQI+ community in the Gulf region.

Addressing human rights impacts here has a particularly wide scope - including rightsholders’ access to health, education and other public services, discrimination in the delivery and provision of economic and social support by state authorities and private enterprises; with a focus on the right to food, to adequate housing, to health, to water and sanitation, as well as to social security.